What role do arts and artists play in the current world?

In light of current events, I’ve been driven to think about the mission statements and core values of many arts organizations that I know. Expectedly, many, including line upon line’s, involve some altruistic words dealing with the nurturing and betterment of human society. However, I was particularly struck by how many more make mention of forging human bonds or making a deep connection with audiences.

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Cullen Faulk
Why we write

In the seven years that line upon line has existed, I have constantly been taken aback by the cool things we have been able to do and the many signs of growth we have shown. One area which I have always felt lacking however, is the way we connect to those who show interest in and follow our group.

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Cullen FaulkComment
What we do

I spent this past summer re-thinking why line upon line exists and what line upon line does. After seven years, my go-to answers to these questions had begun to feel incomplete and uninspiring. With help from two dear friends and mentors on our advisory board, Matt Hinsley (Austin Classical Guitar) and Craig Hella Johnson (Conspirare), we discovered some more fulfilling and invigorating answers.

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Matthew Teodori