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"always innovative"

"intrepid, adventurous"

"a riveting, always-surprising and delightful trio"

"avid (rabid?) supporters of new compositions and emerging composers"

“These more experimental concerts are opportunities to push out boundaries, shake off the doldrums and try new things."

"all its [Iannis Xenakis's Okho] bombastic bravado punctuated with pin-point perfect entries that can only come from years of playing together"

"an internationally-touring ensemble with a burgeoning audience that has received critical acclaim and now stands among the most sought-after collaborators on Austin’s arts scene"

-Austin American-Statesman


“sonic daredevils”

"explorers in the realm of rhythm and aural texture"

"every performance of line upon line's that I've heard has been compelling"

"Even without the free beer and Easy Tiger pretzels, these intimate concerts would be a don't-miss delight. The rhythmic explorations and world-class musicmaking never fail to get my pulse pounding.''

“The notion of Teodori, Faulk, and Bedell as explorers isn't exactly original, but it bears repeating after a program like first, which featured four new works, every one of them experimental and boundary-pushing in some aspect."

“line upon line's Adam Bedell, Cullen Faulk, and Matthew Teodori revel in the making of sounds – the stranger and more challenging, the better – and excel at transmuting what might first strike our ear as random noises into music.”

-Austin Chronicle


"the premier new music percussion ensemble in Texas and the South"

-The Austinist


"Watching LUL reminds me of my rock band days when we’d get home from a tour flush with road chops, except that these guys play like this all the time."