Mauricio Pauly Fream ad wall (2019)

Aaron Cassidy A republic of spaces (2018)

Dave Broome Pods (+ Ensemble Pamplemousse) (2018)

Natacha Diels here is the promise from the wild psyche to all of us (2018)

Andrew Greenwald [198 Words] (+ 1/2 of Ensemble Pamplemousse) (2018)

Bryan Jacobs Blocks and Birds (2018)

Weston Olencki skeuomorphs (2018)

Laurent Durupt *Spirales (2018)

*Spirales was made possible by the FACE Contemporary Music Fund, a program of FACE with major support from the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, SACEM, Institut français, and the Florence Gould Foundation.

Jason Federmeyer compression's reflexive extractions (2017)

Pablo Vergara Engraving on bronze (2017) WATCH

Jason Hoogerhyde Revolve/Retract (2016) PREMIERE

Claudia Molitor Entangled (2016)

David Coll Hazardous Materials #1 (2016) PREMIERE

Joel Love In the Gloaming (2015) LISTEN

Andrew Greenwald [99 Words] (2014) LISTEN | WATCH

Robert Dahm stille leben des staubes (2013) WATCH

Alex Mincek Out of Thin Air (2013)

Ben Isaacs several inflections (2013)

Kate Soper In the Reign of Harad IV (2013)

Travis Weller Turn on the Light (2012) 

Ethan Greene Sewn (2012) LISTEN

Pierce Gradone Average Bureaucrats (2011)

Steve Snowden A Man with a Gun Lives Here (2010) LISTEN | WATCH

James D. Norman Redshift (2010) LISTEN

Ian Dicke Missa Materialis (2010) LISTEN

Zack Stanton Echoes of Veiled Light (2009) LISTEN

Joshua Mills Prism of the Plural (2008) WATCH


Huijuan Ling The Plasma That Sparks The Fire, The Liquid That Brings the Hurricane LISTEN

Daniel Meyer-O’Keeffe Tree of Life Pittsburgh

Ted Moore tap WATCH

Cullyn Murphy cycle24

Olly Sellwood Mikrophonie III WATCH

Cassie Wieland weeds LISTEN


Constantin Basica Fugue for Bells, Beans and Bugs (2017) WATCH

Julie Herndon Transparentudes (can't ______ you) (2017) WATCH

Chris Lortie Pharmakon (2017)

Jessie Marino 737-800 (2017) WATCH

Charlie Sdraulig many translations (2017) WATCH

Andrew Watts A Spike of Resistance (2017) WATCH | LISTEN


John Luther Adams Always Very Soft (2007)

Fredrik Andersson imagine there was nothing (1996)

Rick Burkhardt Great Hymn of Thanksgiving (2003)

John Cage Amores (1943)

Laurent Durupt Sonate en TriOhm (2011) WATCH EXCERPTS

Elizabeth Hoffman immer inner (2007)

Michelle Lou untitled three-part construction (2014)

Thomas Meadowcroft The Great Knot (2011) LISTEN

Claudia Molitor Decay (2018-2019), a version made for line upon line

Tokuhide Niimi Enlaçage II (1978)

Mauricio Pauly Hecayodo (2017), a version made for line upon line

Sam Pluta Matrices (2009) WATCH

Steve Reich Drumming Part I (1971)

                  Music for Pieces of Wood (1973)

Matthew Shlomowitz Popular Contexts #6 (2013) LISTEN

Steve Snowden Unrung (2015)

Van Gogh from Space (2015) WATCH

Laura Steenberge Perseus Slays the Gorgon Medusa (2015)

Toru Takemitsu Rain Tree (1981)

Anders Vinjar +/- (1999)

Rolf Wallin Stonewave (1990)

Iannis Xenakis Okho (1989)



Richard Barrett codex XIV (+ live electronics) (2014)

John Cage First Construction (+3 percussionists) (1939)

John Cage Credo in US (+ pianist) (1942)

John Cage The city wears a slouch hat (+ 3 percussionists & 6 voice actors) (1942)

Hugues Dufourt Erewhon (+ 3 percussionists) (1976) WATCH

Philippe Hurel Interstices (+ pianist) (2009)

Sam Pluta Machine Language (+ 1 accordion, 2 bass clarinets & 2 violins) (2012)

Steve Reich Drumming (+ 6 percussionists, 2 female voices & 1 piccolo player) (1971)

Steve Reich Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ (+ 5 percussionists & 3 female voices) (1973)

Mathias Spahlinger éphémère (+ pianist) (1977)

Iannis Xenakis Persephassa (+ 3 percussionists) (1969)

Iannis Xenakis Pléïades (+ 3 percussionists) (1979)